Our works

This hall showcases some of the successful projects we did for popular brands around the world.


ROYAL ENFIELD Work Monitoring & Automated Attendance Software

This software does work progress tracking based on the task given and the work they’ve done in their cad software in the given time. Furthermore, it does automated attendance backed by monitoring. employees’ Login and logouts on their respective machines


Gem Awards, Online Conference Platform

Every year Equitas bank conducts an event called Gem Awards. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, this event got interrupted. So they’ve approached us to build a virtual platform where they could stream their live event. Here, all the participants can interact with comments & can upload their pics with frame filters in the Selfie booth, where your pics will roll down on the bottom during the Live stream.



  • Annai Velankanni College
  • John DE Britto College
  • St. Xavier ITI. 
  • Neithel Ocean food Restaurant


Our software eases the Bread and Butter of organizations by giving a structural design designed with minimum clicks to achieve maximum output from their tasks. The admission & Billing part is designed in a way just with one known data its easy to find the complete information they’re searching for in the future without complications. The attendance system has an OTP authentication system to prevent false attendance entries.


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